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pony [2021-01-22 21:19:31]

very fast and easy. thanks

droptips [2021-01-20 06:54:15]

very fast and easy and instant job.

thedarkface [2021-01-18 04:19:46]

too good your big work

mouralmi [2021-01-16 23:39:13]

good and fast

gabyca [2021-01-16 01:29:30]

Todo excelente. El intercambio fue muy rápido. Ya tengo mi dinero en Perfect Money

morshedkhan22221 [2021-01-11 08:06:43]

supper trusted

ed2311 [2021-01-11 04:26:53]

Excelente servicio. Muy rapido y precisa la transaccion.

morshedkhan22221 [2021-01-10 11:56:42]

Good support. supper first.

danrod [2021-01-10 04:01:46]

Excellent service !!!! 7 stars of quality !!!

Zöhrab [2021-01-09 11:59:31]

Məndə hərşey düzdü amma caphtayı düz yazıram alınır

gabyca [2021-01-08 21:38:15]

Es la primera ves que lo utilizo excelentemente servicio. Y rapidísimo la transacción

Val [2021-01-06 18:37:10]

nice service. It was super fast

crushbeat [2021-01-06 08:39:19]

the service is awesome.. pretty fast.. no worrying at all.. thanks a lot.

banksarawut1997 [2021-01-05 12:07:09]


eduard_gl2020 [2021-01-04 20:42:47]

Благодарю, все хорошо работает, отдельное спасибо операторам

lambee [2021-01-04 10:00:22]

superfast service :) thank you :)

Afoluk [2021-01-03 15:27:44]

Best exchange ever

lambee [2021-01-02 23:21:18]

very fast service, thank you guys

imac4all [2020-12-29 21:54:53]

Trying this exchange, very quick, nice transaction, many thanks :D

stardabi [2020-12-21 11:30:40]

Good Service, Thanks

crepin4victoire2 [2020-12-20 08:52:50]

My best choice

tnnewsltd [2020-12-18 08:29:14]

fast exchange... Good Live chat support...

Goody [2020-12-17 22:23:47]

Great experience with Papa change! Very fast exchange. A pleasure to deal with and will be using again.Thanks for the quick and safe job!

morshedkhan22221 [2020-12-14 20:09:26]

Good support

equipe_barragym [2020-12-14 18:04:28]

transfer received thank you.

chudsana [2020-12-10 05:48:44]

very quick can get in few minite

jymoya [2020-12-09 01:41:17]

Excelente Exchange

jymoya [2020-12-08 18:00:03]

excelente exchange

jymoya [2020-12-07 15:19:26]

Excelente Exchenge.... muy veloz y seguro

dimasdya [2020-12-05 18:46:09]

Good exchange

pacbros [2020-12-05 03:00:46]

Excellent service

pearl [2020-12-02 17:59:28]

Ultimate Service ..Thanks for your excellent support

galina03_11 [2020-11-29 11:26:50]

Прекрасная работа, благодарю.

nzblbg084 [2020-11-28 18:26:14]

Great as allways! Thanks

slawekszajdek [2020-11-26 18:05:16]

Thanks for good exchange!

asm080275 [2020-11-26 16:37:52]

Обслуживание на достаточно высоком уровне! Мне приятно. )))

peleitom6 [2020-11-26 12:24:34]

Nice and fast service. Thanks

anthonyrj89 [2020-11-25 12:10:29]

Muy bien de su parte les doy un 100

vulcano_hyip [2020-11-23 04:47:21]

Fast Exchange, thanks

gananciass [2020-11-20 15:43:35]


danyal7 [2020-11-18 23:55:04]

thanks that was so quick.. 10 out of 10..

morshedkhan22221 [2020-11-17 17:52:20]

Thanks. en.papa-change.com my etherum network problems! I will received less. Bad luck.

slawekszajdek [2020-11-16 21:52:06]

Very fast exchange, thanks!

teamduplicatudinero [2020-11-15 18:17:18]

Awesome guys!

shinemyatsoe [2020-11-15 14:39:30]

oh! ETH To PM exchange very fast.. Thank u

juan1964 [2020-11-14 20:04:41]

Excelente servicio y atención del soporte muy agradecido por la ayuda

olovrm [2020-11-13 16:38:50]

fast transfer!

jaherulislam76 [2020-11-12 07:25:12]

Very first and Trust Thanks papa-change

stardabi [2020-11-11 02:45:11]

Very good, thanks

sondieukhac [2020-11-11 01:46:45]

Ok Thanks

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very fast and easy. thanks


very fast and easy and instant job.


too good your big work


good and fast


Todo excelente. El intercambio fue muy rápido. Ya tengo mi dinero en Perfect Money


supper trusted


Excelente servicio. Muy rapido y precisa la transaccion.

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